Where do you fund?

The Foundation’s funds must only be used for the benefit of people who live, work or study in the London Boroughs of Camden, Islington and the City of London.

Do you fund individuals?

No, we do not give grants directly to individuals. For information about grants for students at City and Islington College and City University please contact the respective student centre. For information about our funded places at Christ’s Hospital, please contact Chirst's Hospital.

Do we have to be a registered charity to apply?

This is not a specific requirement, we prefer to fund projects based on their potential outcomes. If you have read our priorities and still need advice about whether your project is eligible, please contact us.

Where does your money come from?

Our Foundation started with a gift in the will of Richard Reeve, a London silk merchant who died in 1702. Grants are paid from the money we earn from our investments in London property and the stock market. You can find out more in our Annual Report and Accounts.

When can I apply?

See How to apply for up to date details of when applications may be accepted.  Please contact us with an outline of any proposed project and discuss it with the clerk in the first instance.  We will advise of the application process at that stage. 

How much do you spend on grants?

We aim to give out at least £800,000 of grants out each year.

Is there a minimum or maximum size grant?

No. We are happy to consider projects of any size. We prefer to get excited by a project’s outcomes and consider the costs afterwards!

Do you fund core costs?

We would love every penny to be spent directly on the beneficiaries but we know this isn’t realistic. We’re happy to contribute to core costs but please try to keep these as low as possible.

Can we apply for a project that runs for more than 1 year?

Yes, we support projects for up to 3 years at a time. Although it’s rare, we sometimes give grants for up to 5 years.