Case Studies


These are a few case studies from current projects we are funding. You can read about the impact our grants are having and learn more about the types of projects we support.

richard reeves choir

Camden Music Trust

Children in the UK can now receive free instrumental lessons between age 8 and 9 thanks to the First Access scheme. But there is still a big hurdle for children who are living below the poverty line. What happens to talented children whose parents can’t afford for the lessons to continue? Without help, all that talent, enthusiasm and hope goes to waste.

In 2016, we awarded Camden Music Trust funding over a period of 4 years to support their full Scholarships programme. Our grant will give talented but disadvantaged children the support they need for the four years between the end of the First Access scheme and the start of a GCSE Music course at age 13 (when free instrumental lessons are available again at school).


Instrument: violin

“Katerina is naturally musical and comes alive when she sings and plays. She lives alone with her mum but they have a difficult and volatile relationship. Mum works occasionally and we know money is very tight indeed. It would be fantastic if a Scholarship could support her natural talents.” (Headteacher)

“Katerina has always demonstrated a real enthusiasm and commitment to music. She has a great sense of rhythm and an excellent awareness of relative pitch. I believe a Scholarship would provide a life changing experience for this talented girl.” (Music teacher)


Instrument: saxophone

“Kieran lives alone with his mum and younger sister on an estate in Somers Town. Mum works when she can as an underpaid carer. Kieran has a lot of responsibility at home and often seems “down”. He puts a lot of pressure on himself and I think it would be fantastic to support his passion for music and help keep him away from the gangs and illegal activities on his estate. ” (Headteacher)

“Kieran has a natural musical flair which accompanies a high level of commitment towards his music lessons. He practises regularly and has attended holiday brass courses which have clearly made a difference to his playing. I have no hesitation in recommending him for a Scholarship.” (Music teacher)