New Grants Programme opens under our new Progression into Work Strategy

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Progression into Work Strategy. Stemming from Richard Reeve’s original will which included the instruction that his legacy be used for “putting them forth Apprentices for some calling for their future good”, we have long supported work intended to equip young people more successfully for the world of work. Our new Strategy sets the direction and focus for this work over the next five years, beginning with the launch today of our first new grants programme.

This ‘Earn while you Learn’ programme is inviting applications for programmes that will result in increased opportunities for young people, aged 16-24, in Camden, Islington and the City, to ’earn while they learn’, engaging in meaningful work through part-time jobs, paid work experience, traineeships, internships, and / or apprenticeships.

Earlier this year we commissioned an independent review of the wider policy and practice landscape relating to young people’s progression into work, with a particular focus on the picture locally in our priority boroughs – Islington, Camden and the City of London. This highlighted the need for additional capacity and support to strengthen the careers education and guidance provided by our local secondary schools, the high levels of youth unemployment in London, and the barriers that many young people face in progressing into fulfilling employment with good prospects for the future.

We were concerned that so few young people today have sustained opportunities to develop their understanding of the workplace and to develop vital employability skills through combining work and study, and that the proportion of young people from Camden and Islington taking up apprenticeships is amongst the lowest in London. Our first grants programme under our new strategy is intended to tackle this issue, by stimulating and supporting increased opportunities for young people, aged 16-24, in Camden and Islington, to ’earn while they learn’. We intend that these new opportunities will both enhance young people’s readiness for the world of work and strengthen local progression pathways. Application guidelines and details are available here. The deadline for applications is Monday, 13th November.

Careers Education and Guidance

Our second new grants programme will open in early November, and fund proposals to strengthen and embed improved careers education and guidance in Camden and Islington secondary schools. We aim to make a substantial contribution to the collective efforts already underway to enhance the available support, guidance and opportunities for young people, and look forward to partnering with local schools and others to ensure every young person gains the knowledge, skills and opportunities to progress successfully beyond their education into the world of work.