Earn While You Learn - Grants Awarded

The Foundation received 20 applications in the first round which were whittled down to 10 invited to complete a 2nd-stage application form. Four grants have been awarded under this programme, totalling £263,784 over the next 3 years, with capacity to expand programmes where appropriate. In each case the beneficiaries will be drawn from financially disadvantaged young people living or being educated in the Foundation’s area of benefit.

Grants have been awarded to:
Inspire! (£74,784) - Through the City Talent Programme, Inspire! intends to create paid part-time / holiday jobs for 16-19 year olds from Camden and Islington, prioritising those identified by their schools as having limited social capital and aspirations and at risk of becoming NEET.
Leadership Through Sport & Business (£40,000) - LTSB is a social mobility charity, that works with ambitious young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to prepare them for work, develop their leadership potential and support them through accountancy apprenticeships. This project will support 20 young people from Camden and Islington, aged 16-21, to take part in the charity’s two-year programme.
The Royal Society for Blind Children (£39,000) - RSBC aims to create a better life for visually impaired blind children by helping them to find and fulfil their potential. The Visionary Apprenticeships programme aims to recruit 20 blind or partially sighted young people, aged 16-24, with priority given to those young people that are NEET, to begin their EWYL placements, which are expected to last a minimum of six months.
St Giles Trust (£110,000) - SGT is a charity which helps people facing severe disadvantage to find jobs, homes and the support they need, helping them to become positive contributors to local communities and wider society. The GROW project will target a group of 120, 16-25-year olds across Islington, Camden and the City, such as carers and those with health issues, for whom full-time employment is not easily manageable. The project will also engage young people in education that are struggling financially, in order to help them sustain their education and target young people exiting criminal gangs who need an income to be able to support a transition to college.