Improving literacy and numeracy in young children

Achieving a good standard of basic education is fundamental to leading a fulfilling life. It impacts on the kind of employment we can aspire to.

Improving literacy and numeracy in young children

Sadly, too many children don’t get off to a good start. They enter secondary school at a disadvantage and, in many cases, unable to catch up. This will have a profound impact on the rest of their lives and quite possibly produce yet another generation that will suffer from poverty and poor attainment.

Our aim is to break this cycle for as many children as possible. This is why the Foundation has chosen improving Literacy & Numeracy for Early Years and Primary School children as one its priorities.

Camden and Islington: the need

Contrary to public perception, in Camden and Islington poverty is deepening and inequality is widening.

In Islington, 34% of all children (that’s 13,000 children) are living in poverty. In Camden 35% (or 15,300 children) are living in poverty.

An average of 18% of primary school children across the UK receive free school meals. But in Camden that number is 40.5% and in Islington it is even higher at 47.8%.

Children living in poverty are likely to struggle with schoolwork and never have an opportunity to improve their lives.

What we want our funding to achieve

We want all children in our area of benefit to achieve their best at school.

If you have a literacy or numeracy project that can help children surpass their expected progress, we would like to hear about it.

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