Supporting the study of music

Richard Reeve’s Foundation supports music projects for children and young people, particularly those who are disadvantaged. Music is an important aspect of education and can profoundly change lives.

Supporting the study of music

From Haydn to Heavy Metal, Rachmaninov to rap – music has a greater impact on us than we may think. Ideally all young people should have the opportunity to learn about music and to experience music-making throughout their time in school, and beyond.

But not all schools can provide consistent music education. Not all students can afford to learn to play a musical instrument. And some young people’s dreams of playing or creating music can only be realized with help from specialist charities and volunteers.

How we help:

  • We fund young musicians who take music demos and workshops to schools in our areas;
  • We help fund music lessons for children whose families cannot afford them;
  • We support disabled young people who want to make music.

If you have a project which you think might interest us, please email the Clerk before completing an application form, as we only fund a few projects each year. Please note that we are not accepting new music applications for the forseeable future.

We currently fund: