Partner schools and colleges

Partner schools and colleges

As well as our open grant-funding programme, we also have long-term relationships with Christ’s Hospital school, City and Islington College and City University. Each year we provide grants so these organisations can help students from all backgrounds achieve their full potential.

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Student support grants

Within our area of benefit the Foundation makes an annual block grant to certain institutions of further education, which is used to help students who are struggling financially and who meet our criteria.

Each college has its own application procedure and if you attend one of the following colleges and think you might qualify, please contact the Student Centre.

  • City & Islington College
  • City University (grants are only available for NHS students)

We do not give grants direct to individuals.


Christ’s Hospital

Richard Reeve’s Foundation has been closely associated with Christ’s Hospital (the Bluecoat School) for over 100 years.

The School was founded as a charitable foundation for the poor of the City of London in 1552 by Edward VI, the son of King Henry VIII and Jane Seymour, and generously funded and supported by the merchants of the City. For centuries the School was in the heart of the City, and the scholars in their long coats would have been a familiar sight to Richard Reeve and his contemporaries. Now in West Sussex, the School provides a boarding education, free of charge or highly subsidized, to children from low-income or no-income families.

The Foundation continues to support the School and currently is able to sponsor one child – boy or girl – per year from any primary school in Islington or Camden or the City. This sponsorship makes it easier for a child to gain a place at the School. A child who might not succeed in gaining a place by competitive entry would, with sponsorship, be required to achieve a pass in the entrance tests.

We are always interested in hearing from teaching professionals or parents about children aged 9-10, attending primary schools in our area of benefit, who would for any reason benefit from a boarding education with outstanding pastoral care and high academic standard.

Please contact us for more information or for more information about the school, please visit Christ’s Hospital website.